Tunic: Where To Find The Shield


Don't let the cuteness and colors of Tunic fool you. It may feature a chill aesthetic, but there's also danger in almost every direction. You'll want to get the sword and shield as soon as possible so you're equipped and prepared for the journey ahead. Here's how to quickly find the shield in the labyrinthine world of Tunic.

Don't forget the sword

You'll need to make sure you have the sword before attempting to get the shield. It's necessary for moving past bushes blocking the way to the shield. Use our sword guide if you need to and then make your way back over here when you're ready.

Where to get the shield in Tunic

Once you've a sword in hand, head to the very first bonfire that appears in the game. It's just north of the stick cave and opening beach. Then head west across the wooden bridge.

See the building that looks like an old house with the telescope on its roof? We're coming back to this building and entering through the front door, as soon as we get the key. Take a look through the telescope if you'd like to take a peek at where we're heading. When you're ready, continue to the left and make your way down the ladder just past the windmill. If you hit the windmill then you've gone too far.

This next section has a lot of enemies. You can fight them all or run but a combination of both is what saw me through to the end of this little side quest. Continue west once you make your way down the ladder. Run all the way to the bottom of the screen, taking the natural downward paths that lead further below.

Gallery These screenshots may help you get the shield if you're more of a visual learner.

Continue to the right, running past the cave entrance. You'll see an enemy with a sword and shield equipped at the end of the path. Take a right when possible and then another right down the steps facing the southeast. Take another right and grab the key on the ground in between fighting and/or dodging enemies. The strategy that helped me here was running and luring them away from the key.

Do whatever you have to do to obtain the key and make your way back to the Old House with the telescope on the roof. Use the Old House Key on the front door to make your way inside. Take a left through the passage tucked into the far wall, located to the left of the treasure chest on the floor. Take an immediate right down the passage and keep going until you reach the room at the end.

Cross the bridge to reach the other side and pick up your new shield. Pull the lever on the right to open the locked gate and make your escape. It should be much easier to explore and make your way through Tunic's magical world with the help of a sword and shield.

Check out our beginner's guide if you want to make your new adventure just a little bit easier, or read our Tunic review for our complete thoughts on the indie.

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